Artist Statement:

     Exploring the semantics of the word containment is where my work takes its form. I separate the literal definition of the word from its negative connotation, which is most easily associated with imprisonment. I use vessels, hollowware, and enclosed forms to represent containment as the preservation of precious memories by incorporating evocative elements that defined the moment. The forms that I make are not truly functional, but serve rather as storytelling pieces, bookmarking poignant moments in my life. The incense containers draw on my senses to conjure a visceral response from me while I recount its associated memory. The incorporation of scent calls for the audience to draw upon their own experiences when interacting with the piece, allowing their memories to define the piece.

     My metal work is linked together through the reappearing usage of filigreed forms, with remnants of the French Baroque aesthetic mirrored through the delicate ornamental work of lacy arabesques and floral imagery. While expressing my personal story is an integral component of my metal work, I do not saturate my work with personal content, but allow the viewer to create their own narrative through their connection with the scent, form, and imagery.

      My fascination with creating defined spaces that tell stories is developed in my work with computer animation. In my animations, these spaces are defined by the environments in which the story takes place. The environments are immersive and whimsical with a naturalistic quality, acting as the stages in which the characters come alive. This intermix of realism and fantasy is also mirrored in the character models. My character modeling emphasizes realistic body proportions, while challenging my audience with elements of fantasy in the costume design. Texturing and surface application are integral components in the character, landscape, and architectural designs. When combined, the detailed environments and convincing characters engage the audience and deliver a compelling story.





Artist Bio:

Cayla Burroughs is a 3D artist working dually in computer animation and metalsmithing. Her work in metals is frequently connected with the usage of techniques that includes, raising, forming, chasing and repoussé to create a diverse assemblage of vessels hollowware, jewelry, and sculptures.

 In 3D animation, character and environment modeling are her areas of interest. She displays a strong emphasis on an intermix between realism and fantasy in the designs of her animations.

 Cayla Burroughs completed her undergraduate education at Valdosta State University, where she received her degree in the Bachelor of Arts. Cayla will be continuing her research in both fields as an M.F.A candidate for Rochester Institute of Technology.


Pink Salt Spoon




3.5" x 1" x .75"





Cherry Blossom Incense Container


 Copper, ceramic, turquoise


 2.75" x 2.75" x 1.75"



Tea Incense Container




2. 87" x 2.87" x 2.25"