Artist Bio:

     Colin Entz grew up in Leesburg Georgia, as introverted dyslexic kid, he gravitated to animation, video games and Internet culture. He was inspired by Bruce Timm, Jon Ponikvar and Genndy Tarakovsky. Entz completed an Associate of Arts degree from Darton State College. He precedes to Valdosta State University and received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in art. Work by Colin often has a focus aesthetics. Entz has displayed in the Dedo Maranville Art Gallery at Valdosta State University in the 4140 Show.  His goal is to make a career in video game industry as a Digital Artist


Artist Statement:

Communication is about imparting or exchanging information. As a dyslexic and introverted artist, I find communication through visuals to be the best method of sharing my experiences. It's how I can communicate interests of mine or observations about the world around me with the greatest clarity.

INTJ is both the title of my Intaglio print and the letters of my personality type in the Myers Briggs test. The image communicates my interest in video games, animation, technology, nature and artistic pin-ups. All the subject matters are meshed together to create one cohesive whole using crosshatched lines to show the different textures and objects.

In my photography and drawing I focus on the communication of what I perceive. In photography I aim to capture the complicated but delicate features of natural forms in minimum depth of field shots to bring out the textures and vibrant colors. My drawing Armed and Dangerous is a drawing of human forearm laying on cloth. In it I capture the same level of detail the camera would capture by subtly crosshatching to create a convincing texture of human skin.

Aileron is a retro aerial dogfighting game that emulates my childhood experiences with Starfox64. The game design uses limited 3-D models, angular animated gifs, and a hot-versus-cold color scheme to differentiate player from antagonist. The story is conveyed through voice acted radio chatter explaining the mission and how your character is involved.

My sculptural work aims to communicate my hobbies using a 3-D space. Bronze Ivy is inspired by poison ivy from Batman: The Animated Series, but redefined in. I implied her form through a simplified bronze figure and posed her in a slightly provocative way. I also added several textural elements such as making her hair reflective by polishing it, keeping body in a matte state of unpolished, and giving her flower base treatment to give it a distinct color.


Armed and Dangerous


Graphite Drawing


28" x 30"







7" x 9.5"



Field of Clouds


Digital Photography


11" x 17"