Email: ergunn@valdosta.edu

Website: evangunndesign.myportfolio.com

Instagram: @evangunndesign

Artist Bio:

     Evan Gunn is currently finishing his Bachelor of Arts Degree in Graphic Design at Valdosta State University. Many areas of creativity influence Evan’s art, but he finds the most reward in the play and experimentation of materials. These experiments start with a question of how a medium or technique can be used in a new way. Incorporating elements of paint, photography, and animation, Evan’s work finishes with an answer for that question. Evan finds inspiration in a multitude of sources from music to video, often listening to loud electronic music while working. Combining all the various lessons learned from his experimentation, Evan’s works emphasize his creative research.

Artist Statement:

     Many different styles, media, and techniques intrigue me, fanning the flame of my creative process. Fueled by a sense of curiosity, experimentation is a driving force in my work. Most of my inspiration comes from things I relate to, especially music and video. In a pursuit to uncover new lessons in art, many of my biggest sources of inspiration come from Youtube. Peter McKinnon is an extremely compelling storyteller through his photography and videography. Marty and Moog from Mighty Car Mods create a beautifully captivating experience that just makes you want to go out and try things. EDM (electronic dance music), the soundtrack of my work, keeps me moving while I create.  I find that charismatic people tend to be the most inspiring to me. Someone can have beautiful work with bold colors and sharp contrast, but when you compare it with the person who made it and can see them in their work; that is what really resonates with me. It encourages me to pull from multiple outlets to form a mosaic of new materials and techniques. I like for my work to start with a question of how or why, which is more important to me than the resulting answer. Can I cover a canvas in hot glue before painting it? Can I create an entire image by focusing light from the sun and drawing with it? The question of how I can use a particular material or method in a new and exciting way is resolved in the finished product. If I like it then I add it to my tool belt. If I don’t like it, then at least I learned something that may help me in a future experiment.  The joy I receive from my work and my curiosity to further explore the personified knowledge in the artist around me, are what keep me coming back to the table and give me purpose.


Berry Faces


Digital Photography, Photoshop





Digital Photography, Photoshop





Finger Painting