Artist Bio:

     Logan will graduate Valdosta State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Fine Art in Art. Logan is an Illustrator who uses Photoshop, Illustrator, and other digital media to create and design scenes that reflect a personal narrative. After graduation, Dotson will pursue a career in Jacksonville, Florida utilizing his skills in graphic design and illustration, as well as continuing his bodies of work.

Artist Statement:

     As an illustrator with hopes of becoming a background designer/ concept artist, my work mainly focuses on building settings. Whether it be photography, printmaking, or digital illustration, my work focuses on exploring light, color, and mood.

 In my most current work, I’ve started creating scenes that form a sense of isolation: exploring the narrative feelings of disconnection, personal relationships, social barriers. however, within these compositions I use light to break up the darkness, evoking a sense of hope. Artists such as Edward Hopper, Frederick Linden, and Gregory Crewdson have influenced my choice of color and light, generating an emotional response in my own creative works.

  I generally work with digital media such as Photoshop and Illustrator to keep the painterly style I strive for, while keeping myself clean and organized. With photography, I use the process of long exposure to keep my shutter open for extended periods of time, thus allowing more light and color to enter.

Upon graduation, I will work in the illustration or graphic design field, while also continuing my own research and body of work.



Email: lsdotson@valdosta.edu

Website: Dotsonillustration.com

Instagram: @Dotsonillustration

Suburban Isolation




Digital Illustration



Embodiment of Sin




Digital Illustration