Artist Bio:

     Selena Mondragon is currently a student at Valdosta State University. Born in Arcadia Florida, Mondragon has spent most of her life in South Georgia. Her love of art started with her grandmother, who she spent many summers with working on various types of arts and crafts.


Mondragon is inspired by the magical and dreamlike concepts from her childhood imagination, which helped her to hide from the negative things that were in her life. This was a comfort to her, as it was an escape from the real world. With her art, she wants others to feel calm, happy, or relaxed, and doesn’t want her work to stir up negative feelings. Memories also play an important role in her work, as she believes capturing and recording happy memories will make them last for longer than they normally would.

She greatly enjoys 3-D modeling and photography and hopes to have a solid career with either someday. In her free time, Selena enjoys spending time with her dogs and reading books.


Artist Statement:

My work is inspired by my childhood imagination. When I was younger, I would use my imagination to dream up stories and worlds to escape from my insecurities and the other problems I faced. I was always reading fairy tales or immersing myself in the fantasy lands of the many video games I played. This helped me so much and has inspired me to create work that reflects the magical, whimsical, and light-hearted ideas that fueled my imagination and brought me happiness. Negative memories and feelings have no place in my work, as I feel there’s already far too much of that in the world as it is.

 I capture these memories and feelings through my photography. With my camera, I can capture memories and they’ll last for much longer than they normally would have. I like to experiment with shutter speed and aperture to create various effects in my work that help to add to the magical aspects that I like to portray. I use both digital and film, but enjoy using film more. When I develop film, I always have this sense of anticipation, and I’m always eager to see what I captured. When I make a print in the darkroom using that film, it almost feels magical as I watch the image form on the paper as it floats in the developer. The process is a bit more complicated than making an inkjet print, but the satisfaction I get from making a successful photograph makes everything worth it.




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